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1/64 ABS Plastic Wheel & Tire Set - 8.9/9.8mm - BNDS

1/64 ABS Plastic Wheel & Tire Set - 8.9/9.8mm - BNDS

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Suitable for most 1:64 diecast brands.

East wheelset comes in 10 designs and 2 sizes,

4 of which are in 8.9mm diameter (17-inch wheels in real-life proportion)

and 6 of which are in 9.8mm diameter (18-inch in real-life proportion) 

Note for Hotwheels users:
Hotwheels' proportion is slightly exaggerated with bigger wheel sizes, usually around 10-12mm in diameter, our wheels are designed proportionally correctly which might appear smaller on Hotwheels diecast models. We would usually recommend using our wheels on correct proportional brands such as Kyosho/MiniGT/Aoshima/Tarmac/Inno/Tomy/Peako and so on


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